What is a Magnepress System?

  • Uses pulsed magnetic forces to press, form or join metals such as aluminum, steel, and copper.
  • Uses pulsed magnetic forces to press powder metal or other powder material into high density parts.
  • A lean, flexible, modular manufacturing system.
  • A higher standard of performance for electromagnetic forming technology first used decades ago.
  • Available only from IAP Research, Inc.
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Click on the images to learn what can be done with a Magnepress system!

Use a Magnepress System to:

Join tubes

Join, weld, or assemble metal parts.

rod01.gif (38323 bytes)

Make high-performance net-shape parts from powder metal and other powder materials.

wpe7.gif (5148 bytes)

Form metal tubes.

door14_sigmaz.gif (344637 bytes)

Form metal sheet.


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  Magnepress is a trademark of IAP Research, Inc. for its line of magnetic pressing systems.
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